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Now… come meet me #IRL. 

I specialize in barre, cycling, resistance and interval training workouts. But no matter where you meet me or how we’re sweating together, I personally guarantee an elevated experience with the coolest heart-pumping music, creative programming that is functionally smart and the motivation to Shay’K it Up! 

#Shaykitup: Might sound like a or a Taylor Swift lyric, but for me and my squad, it means stepping outside our comfort zones, letting the music and the movement guide us to tapping into our authentic strength and grace. 

I’ll see you in class.


‘Powerlines: Energy in Motion’ is a workout that taps into both physical and emotional strength to spark the mind, body + spirit. Beginning with a grounding meditation this workout fuses functional training, foundations of barre and cardio-power intervals with creative and expressive movement patterns designed to tap into deeper channels to generate energy that will light you up from the inside out.

Until I find a permanent home for this class you can check out my Pop-Up Schedule and drop in.


Can’t make it in real life? No worries. I am literally everywhere.

I have my own signature workouts as well as ReXist360 workouts available on Booya brings the boutique to you! Your subscription will give you access to my content as well as some of the best trainers and methods in the country.

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