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MUSIC MONDAY issue five

First day of 2017 and the first Monday of the Year! Whoa, a perfect double whammy. I hope nobody had a heart attack. You might be expecting songs about doing things, making shit happen, chasing stuff, jumping off stuff, making moves, starting fires. Hmm… wrong blog friends. The first few days of the year are always slow and introspective for me. It’s my actual hibernation time. After all the holiday parties and travel plans the last thing I need is to do is zip line into the new year like my pants are on fire. Plus, I always choose a theme for the year, instead of making resolutions, and it takes me a few days of trying on new robes before I can fully emerge into the ‘public eye’ and participate in the hustle we call life. Add in the fact that I received some sad news on 1/1 and you’ll start to understand why this week’s playlist threads together a nostalgic, melancholy reverie. Most of these songs are throwbacks and would be categorized as “Downtempo” tracks. Put on a sweater, light a candle and make yourself some tea. Enjoy! 

TEARDROP – Massive Attack. I will always love this dark and stormy album. 

LEBANESE BLONDE – Thievery Corporation. I stumbled onto this one and it brought me back. 

CHICAGO – Sufjan Stevens. Well I listened to this 3 times on the first day of 2017. I love how this song is both sad and uplifting at the very same time. 

SOUR TIMES – Portishead. I was late to the Portishead Party. But once I arrived, I never left. 

WOUNDED – Third Eye Blind. Ok and to bring you further down my nostalgic road trip. This was my anthem song in college. Convertible top down sock in the air. 

Full Music Monday Playlist on SPOTIFY. See you next week!