Resolution Solution


HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR!! As promised here's three big questions you gotta ask yourself before you ignite change and get after your goals in 2016. Oh but wait... if you've just arrived here for the first time, WELCOME! but make sure you go back and watch PART 1 first.

Don't forget to hit subscribe. Next Wednesday at 5pm Shaykitup TV returns with a recap and life lessons from my theme in 2015 which was Currency. I'm going to share how what could have been perceived as a failure actually set me up for success in the years ahead. 



Oh Hey! This is my first blog on my new website! Welcome. We've got 2 days left before we say goodbye forever to 2015. So... now is a really good time to start.  I'll let the videos below do most of the talking but here's the scoop. I want you to live an outrageously glorious life. I want you to SIMPLIFY + INTENSIFY your intentions, your focus, your values, your missions, your reasons, your whys and why nots and get super clear on how you want to think, feel, look, live, act and be. I want you to be able to make smart decisions based on your core values and turn your VALUES into VISION. I want you to achieve your dreams. It's a long, arduous process and it never turns out the way we expected. But... trust me. Doing this one small thing can have a huge impact on your life. 

Ditch Resolutions. They don't work. Try something new this year. #Shaykitup with me. Let's get what we're after. Let's do it together. Go on... Click Play. 

Grab a cup of tea and get cozy. I know these videos are longer than what we're accustomed to. But take a few moments here with me an hopefully... some sparks will fly and you're theme will come to you. If it does, I hope you share it with me and everyone you know! 

Hang tight... My Three Big Questions are coming TOMORROW (That's Thursday Dec. 31st). Make sure you come back for more!