Los Feliz


First Friday! Our Most Favorite Day. Jesse Deyoung and I headed out to play in the May sunshine and capture the colors of sping before they faded away. We didn't have to travel far. This beautiful park is on the corner of Los Feliz and Riverside Dr. 5 minutes from our front door. Hope you enjoy! 

How cool is this circular sculpture? The fountain in the back is gorgeous too, but this bit of public art created a perfect playground to shoot in. I'm in SukiShufu again and embracing their hashtag #sukininjas by climbing all over this thing in anyway I could.

I love this soft yellow print. I wouldn't normally choose an outfit like this for myself, but it's so lightweight and breathable, it feels great to move and sweat in. Though the color is soft, it really stands out against all the black and neon you normally find in fitness fashion. And the white leatherback bra and leggings give it just a hint of edginess it needs.