I stumbled upon this cute Ted-ed animation about hydration and I just had to share. The dangers of dehydration (and over-hydration) are very real. That's why I drink 2.5 liters of Essentia PH balanced water every day for optimal hydration. I'm proud to be a 'hydration specialist' and am very grateful to be sponsored by Essentia. I recognize that not everyone gets premium water delivered to their door as a happy reminder to drink up. So here are some tips! 

1. Get a water filter, I use SOMA, fill it up and keep it in the fridge. 

2. Purchase or save your glass bottles (I keep mine from Juice Served Here) and fill them up with filtered water and store in the fridge. 

3. Set a reminder on your phone mid-day to do a 'water check' and take a look at how much you've had, how much you might need, take a water break and drink a glass and take note of the foods you've eaten that day. Fruits and veggies are loaded with water as you'll find out in this video. 

4. Get a premium water delivered to your door weekly or monthly! (I know the bottles... so wasteful. RECYCLE!) I love Essentia, it's so smooth and tastes great and it really does make me feel a whole lot better than any other water. You can buy it on amazon or at a local Whole Foods and sometimes even target. 

This Ted-ed video is a really simple, easy and entertaining way to learn the basics about the importance of water and proper hydration. I couldn't have done it better myself. So pour up a glass of the good stuff and check it out. And while you're at it, check out some other Ted-ed videos! They are all great!

xxO Shay