Jesse and I drove up north to attend the Lightning in a Bottle Festival. (Which by the way was incredible. That blog will post Sunday so come back!) I found that a lot of my fitness attire could double as festival fashion. I had so much fun playing with patterns, prints and different styles to create my own festival look. 

We stopped somewhere off the 5 freeway the day before the festival to stretch our legs and thought this weird little area would be fun to shoot against.

If you don't know already, I recycle ALL my clothes that aren't fitness attire. I mainly shop at Crossroads Trading and Buffalo Exchange. But I frequent random vintage shops and trading posts that I stumble upon both in NY and LA and wherever else I travel. 

The tights and sports bra are by Vie Active. I love a lot of brands but I have to say that Vie Active is probably my favorite. I just feel like their clothes were made to fit my body. I pretty much live in these leopard tights. Leopard is of course, my favorite color, but the materials Vie Active tights are made of are so luxe they like second skin. There's really nothing like them. 

The white shift dress, hat and boots (which are Miu Miu) are all from Crossroads Trading and probably cost me about $65 all together. The sunnies are from the boardwalk in Venice Beach. The necklaces are old school J Crew. This type of accessory is slightly out of style, but it brought some needed color to my outfit and at festival... anything goes. 

My hair... was braided by @misty_extensions in Beverly Hills. SHE IS AMAZING. I stalked her on instagram and called her up to make an appointment. Since showers were scarce and I find my new short haircut intolerable, I figured this would be both practical and badass. I loved it so much you might see me rockin' braids again very soon!