What if I told you that you could spit into a tube, drop it in the mail and 4 weeks later you will receive information about your genetic fitness profile. Stuff like... what type of muscle fibers you have, whether you are genetically inclined to succeed as an endurance athlete or a power athlete, how you should train, when you should train, how you metabolize food and more! 

Well guess what... you can! And it is SO COOL.

If you have been spending hours at the gym, trying every diet on the market and still not getting the results you desire taking this test will give you the insight and information you really need to tap into your genetic makeup so you can make smarter choices and stop wasting time.

If you are a trainer this tool is a total game changer for you and your clients! It will make program design and progression a breeze and your clients will shout your name from the rooftops because you'll get them to their goals in a much faster, smarter way. 

Check it out! 

From the Website:

FitnessGenes, uses the combination of your DNA and relevant lifestyle data to make evidence-based recommendations on the type of diet and exercise strategies that are most likely to be effective for you. Looking to shed fat or build muscle? FitnessGenes' scientific approach to optimal fitness can help you to personalise your plans and can help you reach your goals easier and faster.

Here's a few things my DNA says about Me! 

* I've got genes for endurance

* I've got genes for speed

* I've got one copy of fast and one slow for metabolism

* I've got a gene for appetite

* I have two types of genes for obesity (Hello Prevention Care!!) 

* I have a disturbed circadan rhythm (I'm a night owl... I knew it!! I literally can not wake up early)

And so so, so much more!! There are 42 genetic variations in Fitness Genes Data Modeling that impact my training blueprint and nutrition blueprint. 

Once you purchase, spit, ship and login for your results You'll see information like this on your profile and you can click on for further reading and research. 


According to my results I have all the genes of an endurance athlete. The doctor I spoke to on the phone said he wouldn't be surprised if I was an Olympic Track Star (Oops, I may have missed my calling). But it makes sense, I grew up as a dancer and I was pretty good at it and it requires a significant amount of endurance. I've learned that high volume training will get me the best physical results, and that my optimal training time is 8pm. I metabolize caffeine pretty well and it will give me the best boost if I drink it 30 minutes prior to a workout. However, I have a slow metabolism during the day, an gene for appetite and my circadian rhythm is off so it was suggested that I do not eat my first meal until about 11am. I've already made this one small change and I am telling you it makes a world of difference in how I feel and perform though out the day. 

If you're curious about your own fitness genes, or looking to get optimal results I think you should check this out! I really enjoyed learning more about my genetic makeup and it's definitely helped me design smarter programming for my body.


PS: I was not paid to write this blog. FitnessGenes sent me a free kit and I loved learning about my Fitness DNA so much I wanted to share this with you. Feel free to leave me a comment or email me with questions! 

XO Shay