MUSIC MONDAY issue one

Happy Monday Readers! In an attempt to get back into a blogging rhythm, I've decided I'm going to share my top five music tracks every Monday morning. They won't all necessarily be new, but songs I'm jamming out to lately. I hope you'll find something new to your ears or maybe something that sparks a memory for your soul. Enjoy! 

Despite it's unusual country music undertones, I love this track. I'm still exploring the album. Gaga is honestly hit or miss for me these days, but you can't deny her genius. This one's fun! (I have nothing against country music by the way! It's not my go to and it's really gotta take me by surprise for me to love it)

I think Jesse and I have had this song on repeat for about 4 days now. I'm still obsessed. Watch these guys on youtube, they get down! 

I CAN'T stop playing this song! I've played it in my cycling class about 10 times #sorrynotsorry

This beauty was literally on a loop in every store, in every shopping mall, at every restaurant, in every studio in Beijng all summer. I'm still not tired of it. There are a bunch of remixes, they are all good. This piece is epic, it just moves me. Probably my favorite of the year. 

I love this yogic-jefferson airplane mix. I actually found this n my friend Alex Silver-Fagan's feed on Spotify. We both just got back from Thailand and are missing the slow barefoot life of the islands. This takes back. Easy. 

Follow my Spotify Playlist! I'll keep adding to SHAYKITUP MUSIC MONDAY so you can rock on repeat along with me. 

Be Courageous + Be Kind. 

xo Shay