Oh Hey, it's FRIYAY! Raise your hands if you love fitness fashion. YES!  Me too. Well, you're in the right place because on the First Friday of every month this year Photographer Jesse DeYoung and I are gonna showcase some of our latest and greatest #FitFash Finds. Enjoy!

This entire outfit is from Fabletics. I love the fun pattern and foil print on these leggings. They're a little thick so they are functional, warm and festive for winter months. The cropped sweater is warm and cozy, has 3/4 sleeves and a snap-button detail down one side. The visor, we found online... sorry baes, not sure what brand it is but they became very trendy last summer so I'm sure they are easy to find online. We wanted to reintroduce this mega-visor with a winter look.  Oh, and the shoes are Bear Claw - really I'm wearing them because I have two broken toes and my feet won't fit into anything else, but they're cute and cozy too.

We shot this series on my roof in Los Feliz just after the rain. Normally we try to avoid the cable dishes when we shoot up here, but for this look we decided to work with them. I think it gives a sort of space-age-star-wars-interstellar-kinda-feel. What do you think?