MUSIC MONDAY issue five

First day of 2017 and the first Monday of the Year! Whoa, a perfect double whammy. I hope nobody had a heart attack. You might be expecting songs about doing things, making shit happen, chasing stuff, jumping off stuff, making moves, starting fires. Hmm... wrong blog friends. The first few days of the year are always slow and introspective for me. It's my actual hibernation time. After all the holiday parties and travel plans the last thing I need is to do is zip line into the new year like my pants are on fire. Plus, I always choose a theme for the year, instead of making resolutions, and it takes me a few days of trying on new robes before I can fully emerge into the 'public eye' and participate in the hustle we call life. Add in the fact that I received some sad news on 1/1 and you'll start to understand why this week's playlist threads together a nostalgic, melancholy reverie. Most of these songs are throwbacks and would be categorized as "Downtempo" tracks. Put on a sweater, light a candle and make yourself some tea. Enjoy! 

TEARDROP - Massive Attack. I will always love this dark and stormy album. 

LEBANESE BLONDE - Thievery Corporation. I stumbled onto this one and it brought me back. 

CHICAGO - Sufjan Stevens. Well I listened to this 3 times on the first day of 2017. I love how this song is both sad and uplifting at the very same time. 

SOUR TIMES - Portishead. I was late to the Portishead Party. But once I arrived, I never left. 

WOUNDED - Third Eye Blind. Ok and to bring you further down my nostalgic road trip. This was my anthem song in college. Convertible top down sock in the air. 

Full Music Monday Playlist on SPOTIFY. See you next week! 


MUSIC MONDAY issue four

Fade - Kanye West. I'm obsessed with this whole album, but lately I've been playing this song a lot in class during what my friend Alexis calls "the sexy pushup part of class."  Plus the chick in this video is kindof amazing. The 10 second are... terrifying. But anyway.

BOSS - Disclosure. I'm surprised I like this song! I love Disclosure though. This is a great track for the Arms Portion of an indoor cycling class. If you like that sort of thing >wink<.

Beautiful Now - Big Gigantic Remix. I love EVERYTHING about Big Gigantic. Their music makes me happy.

Nectar Drop - DJ Drez. Just a little more drippy magic for ya. I love this guy.

Aftergold - Big Wild Remix. My heart skips around a little and then I wanna dance. Seriously. Try to sit still on this one. 

Want more!? Head to my Spotify Account + save This Playlist. I update it every weekend for your Monday listening pleasure. 

"And if the music is good... we dance."

xo Shay

MUSIC MONDAY issue three

Maybe it's the winter, the shorter days, the misty weather... but this week my ears have been drawn towards darker vibes. Here are my top five for the week! 

Painting Greys by Emmit Fenn. I love the horns and how the music trips when the beat drops. 

Whethan - Savage feat. Flux Pavilion + Max. Jesse found this one on Spotify. This one is in my PowerLines Playlist for December.

RUN by Awolnation. I love this band. This track is intense not sure if I'll ever use it in a class but it's inspiring me at the moment. 

National Anthem by Radiohead. Throwin it back. Who doesn't love this song? If you're not a fan we might not need to hang out. Just kidding but I love Radiohead. This is a good driving song. 

Leave by Post Malone. ON REPEAT. 

Happy Monday! Enjoy. 

xo Shay

MUSIC MONDAY issue two

OMG it's Monday already? WTH. Here's some music to get you through the week... I'm feeling a little dreamy, I hope you like it. 

LOUD by Coucheron. We are lo-ou-ou-oud. This song makes me smile. 

Dream by One Republic. Another Anthem from the masters. I can't wait to play this in class. 

Levitate by Imagine Dragons. Epic Magic. Also I can't wait to see this movie! 

The Air That I Breathe by The Hollies. If you don't know this song... you're welcome. It's magical and moving. Also it's in the Netflix Original Movie "Seeking a Friend of the End of The World" which I highly recommend. 

Life Itself by Glass Animals. Just a good old juicy track. 

Have an awesome day! Dance like you have to.

xo Shay

MUSIC MONDAY issue one

Happy Monday Readers! In an attempt to get back into a blogging rhythm, I've decided I'm going to share my top five music tracks every Monday morning. They won't all necessarily be new, but songs I'm jamming out to lately. I hope you'll find something new to your ears or maybe something that sparks a memory for your soul. Enjoy! 

Despite it's unusual country music undertones, I love this track. I'm still exploring the album. Gaga is honestly hit or miss for me these days, but you can't deny her genius. This one's fun! (I have nothing against country music by the way! It's not my go to and it's really gotta take me by surprise for me to love it)

I think Jesse and I have had this song on repeat for about 4 days now. I'm still obsessed. Watch these guys on youtube, they get down! 

I CAN'T stop playing this song! I've played it in my cycling class about 10 times #sorrynotsorry

This beauty was literally on a loop in every store, in every shopping mall, at every restaurant, in every studio in Beijng all summer. I'm still not tired of it. There are a bunch of remixes, they are all good. This piece is epic, it just moves me. Probably my favorite of the year. 

I love this yogic-jefferson airplane mix. I actually found this n my friend Alex Silver-Fagan's feed on Spotify. We both just got back from Thailand and are missing the slow barefoot life of the islands. This takes back. Easy. 

Follow my Spotify Playlist! I'll keep adding to SHAYKITUP MUSIC MONDAY so you can rock on repeat along with me. 

Be Courageous + Be Kind. 

xo Shay


I stumbled upon this cute Ted-ed animation about hydration and I just had to share. The dangers of dehydration (and over-hydration) are very real. That's why I drink 2.5 liters of Essentia PH balanced water every day for optimal hydration. I'm proud to be a 'hydration specialist' and am very grateful to be sponsored by Essentia. I recognize that not everyone gets premium water delivered to their door as a happy reminder to drink up. So here are some tips! 

1. Get a water filter, I use SOMA, fill it up and keep it in the fridge. 

2. Purchase or save your glass bottles (I keep mine from Juice Served Here) and fill them up with filtered water and store in the fridge. 

3. Set a reminder on your phone mid-day to do a 'water check' and take a look at how much you've had, how much you might need, take a water break and drink a glass and take note of the foods you've eaten that day. Fruits and veggies are loaded with water as you'll find out in this video. 

4. Get a premium water delivered to your door weekly or monthly! (I know the bottles... so wasteful. RECYCLE!) I love Essentia, it's so smooth and tastes great and it really does make me feel a whole lot better than any other water. You can buy it on amazon or at a local Whole Foods and sometimes even target. 

This Ted-ed video is a really simple, easy and entertaining way to learn the basics about the importance of water and proper hydration. I couldn't have done it better myself. So pour up a glass of the good stuff and check it out. And while you're at it, check out some other Ted-ed videos! They are all great!

xxO Shay




Is no joke. It's hot. It's dusty. It's dry. It's crowded. And the hike from 'Camp' to 'Festival' is a 30 minute trek up hill, down through gullies, over rock beds and man made bridges. Be warned: festival life is not for the faint of heart. And all that glorious stuff you see on instagram hash-tagged #festivalfashion isn't just to make a statement. The hats, scarves, facemasks, barely there clothing, umbrellas and boots are a necessity to say the least. And if one must adorn oneself in all that gear... why not take it a step further and really decorate your body and soul? Add some glitter, flowers, body paint, jewelry, various animal inspired accoutrement, hippie couture and you've created a festival fashion look. Oh...  I love it all. 

While the logistics of camping in dry land in the middle of nowhere can be taxing for a city girl like me, the days and nights are FULL of wonder. Music ... everywhere ... and art, communal events, meaningful talks, interactive games and shows. I can't believe how much thought was put into every aspect of LIB and it was done with intention, joy and care. The love on the land of this dry lake bed was palpable and unwavering. 

Check out a few moments we captured below, which I'm afraid to say, barely capture the reality of what a magical experience this truly was. 

All photos below were taken by Jesse DeYoung and Jeven Dovey.

As you can see, we were the only people in car parking with a camper van... which basically felt like glamping and I am not ashamed. Jesse and I joyously claimed the title of king and queen of the 'tomato patch' camp grounds. I hate camping and might not have survived the weekend without my mom's camper (shoutout to MOM!). But, if you've never been to a festival and you're going to tent camp here are some helpful tips along with some other pointers I think you'll appreciate. 

1. Sunscreen, bugspray, baby wipes, face wipes, vaseline and q-tips (which by the way will probably go up your nose).

2. Get a tent big enough for an air mattress.

3. Bring lots of blankets, pillows, tapestries, folding chairs and outdoor lighting. 

4. Set up a communal area using the above items and keep it mostly covered. You won't regret it. 

5. Get a grill and bring groceries, there is a lot of food at the festival, it's mostly delicious but expensive. Plus this gives you a reason to trek back to your site, eat, hang out, take a nap and change for the evening. 

6. It's 80+ during the day and 50- at night. So... prepare to change clothes and dress accordingly or you'll be sorry. 

7. We wore string lights from Urban Outfitters around our necks at night. I can't tell you how useful this was. It's cute, it helps light the way in the dark, and it helps to keep track of your friends. 

8. Headlamps! Bandanas or Facemasks! Just do it. 

9. LOTS of water. Like I said, it's hot and dry and you're hiking and dancing all day. We brought 24  one-liter bottles and drank almost all of them between the two of us. 

10. If you're going to drink save it for the evening and bring light colored stuff. Seriously, tequila, vodka and Rose all the way. Cans are better than glass and plastic. 

11, Yes people do drugs. I have no comment. 

12. Check the schedule and plan your days ahead of time, but be flexible and open to change. Stuff you wouldn't think to try or see will catch your eye. But it will definitely help if you have some kind of plan to take you through the days and make the most of the experience. 

13. Be respectful, kind and clean up after yourself. The community at LIB is incredible and the whole vibe is very familial. Keep your mind open and move through the days with love and gratitude and you will have the best time of your life. 

Check out this video on the LIB Facebook Page  to experience a little more of the magic. 

That's it! Once I forget about the ringing in my ears, the dust in my nose, the fact that I ruined my favorite boots, the 24 hour post festival fatigue (and subsequent 3 day cold) I'll be ready for the next one. I'm not gonna sugar coat it for you, but everything I mentioned above is 100% worth it. These events can be life-changing if you allow them to be. And as with any immersive, life-altering, soulful experience you gotta roll with the uncomfortable stuff to appreciate the bliss. 

xo Shay


Jesse and I drove up north to attend the Lightning in a Bottle Festival. (Which by the way was incredible. That blog will post Sunday so come back!) I found that a lot of my fitness attire could double as festival fashion. I had so much fun playing with patterns, prints and different styles to create my own festival look. 

We stopped somewhere off the 5 freeway the day before the festival to stretch our legs and thought this weird little area would be fun to shoot against.

If you don't know already, I recycle ALL my clothes that aren't fitness attire. I mainly shop at Crossroads Trading and Buffalo Exchange. But I frequent random vintage shops and trading posts that I stumble upon both in NY and LA and wherever else I travel. 

The tights and sports bra are by Vie Active. I love a lot of brands but I have to say that Vie Active is probably my favorite. I just feel like their clothes were made to fit my body. I pretty much live in these leopard tights. Leopard is of course, my favorite color, but the materials Vie Active tights are made of are so luxe they like second skin. There's really nothing like them. 

The white shift dress, hat and boots (which are Miu Miu) are all from Crossroads Trading and probably cost me about $65 all together. The sunnies are from the boardwalk in Venice Beach. The necklaces are old school J Crew. This type of accessory is slightly out of style, but it brought some needed color to my outfit and at festival... anything goes. 

My hair... was braided by @misty_extensions in Beverly Hills. SHE IS AMAZING. I stalked her on instagram and called her up to make an appointment. Since showers were scarce and I find my new short haircut intolerable, I figured this would be both practical and badass. I loved it so much you might see me rockin' braids again very soon! 


First Friday! Our Most Favorite Day. Jesse Deyoung and I headed out to play in the May sunshine and capture the colors of sping before they faded away. We didn't have to travel far. This beautiful park is on the corner of Los Feliz and Riverside Dr. 5 minutes from our front door. Hope you enjoy! 

How cool is this circular sculpture? The fountain in the back is gorgeous too, but this bit of public art created a perfect playground to shoot in. I'm in SukiShufu again and embracing their hashtag #sukininjas by climbing all over this thing in anyway I could.

I love this soft yellow print. I wouldn't normally choose an outfit like this for myself, but it's so lightweight and breathable, it feels great to move and sweat in. Though the color is soft, it really stands out against all the black and neon you normally find in fitness fashion. And the white leatherback bra and leggings give it just a hint of edginess it needs.



What if I told you that you could spit into a tube, drop it in the mail and 4 weeks later you will receive information about your genetic fitness profile. Stuff like... what type of muscle fibers you have, whether you are genetically inclined to succeed as an endurance athlete or a power athlete, how you should train, when you should train, how you metabolize food and more! 

Well guess what... you can! And it is SO COOL.

If you have been spending hours at the gym, trying every diet on the market and still not getting the results you desire taking this test will give you the insight and information you really need to tap into your genetic makeup so you can make smarter choices and stop wasting time.

If you are a trainer this tool is a total game changer for you and your clients! It will make program design and progression a breeze and your clients will shout your name from the rooftops because you'll get them to their goals in a much faster, smarter way. 

Check it out! 

From the Website:

FitnessGenes, uses the combination of your DNA and relevant lifestyle data to make evidence-based recommendations on the type of diet and exercise strategies that are most likely to be effective for you. Looking to shed fat or build muscle? FitnessGenes' scientific approach to optimal fitness can help you to personalise your plans and can help you reach your goals easier and faster.

Here's a few things my DNA says about Me! 

* I've got genes for endurance

* I've got genes for speed

* I've got one copy of fast and one slow for metabolism

* I've got a gene for appetite

* I have two types of genes for obesity (Hello Prevention Care!!) 

* I have a disturbed circadan rhythm (I'm a night owl... I knew it!! I literally can not wake up early)

And so so, so much more!! There are 42 genetic variations in Fitness Genes Data Modeling that impact my training blueprint and nutrition blueprint. 

Once you purchase, spit, ship and login for your results You'll see information like this on your profile and you can click on for further reading and research. 


According to my results I have all the genes of an endurance athlete. The doctor I spoke to on the phone said he wouldn't be surprised if I was an Olympic Track Star (Oops, I may have missed my calling). But it makes sense, I grew up as a dancer and I was pretty good at it and it requires a significant amount of endurance. I've learned that high volume training will get me the best physical results, and that my optimal training time is 8pm. I metabolize caffeine pretty well and it will give me the best boost if I drink it 30 minutes prior to a workout. However, I have a slow metabolism during the day, an gene for appetite and my circadian rhythm is off so it was suggested that I do not eat my first meal until about 11am. I've already made this one small change and I am telling you it makes a world of difference in how I feel and perform though out the day. 

If you're curious about your own fitness genes, or looking to get optimal results I think you should check this out! I really enjoyed learning more about my genetic makeup and it's definitely helped me design smarter programming for my body.


PS: I was not paid to write this blog. FitnessGenes sent me a free kit and I loved learning about my Fitness DNA so much I wanted to share this with you. Feel free to leave me a comment or email me with questions! 

XO Shay




The first five days after the weekend are the hardest. Thank God for Fridays! And for Spring! As you know on the first Friday of every month this year Photographer Jesse DeYoung and I are gonna showcase some of our latest and greatest #FitFash Finds. Enjoy!

After a recent run in search of new trails at Griffith Park (basically our backyard) we came across this incredible field of orange and yellow wildflowers. We were like, we HAVE to shoot here.

When SukiShufu sent this gorgeous blue cloud print two piece we knew this would be the ultimate spring look to share. Top and Leggings by SukiShufu. The sneaks, I found at shoe store in Rome (at the very top of Via Del Corso)  but I know that Puma and Supra make a similar silver shoe, which is really the perfect choice to compliment these sky blue leggings.

There's two pairs of sunnies featured here; the pale pink and blue are by Crap Eyewear, my absolute favorite brand for shades. You can find them online or in Venice Beach, CA. The yellow and blue are a street wear find from a tiny shop in TaiPei Taiwan. But have fun with your sunglasses this spring! I love bright colors and fun shapes, I mean... why not?

May all your weeks be wildflowers and all your dreams a walk through the clouds.



This week Jesse and I wanted to celebrate this gorgeous graphic wall on Sunset just off of Vermont in our neighborhood. It's so striking we had to find some hot Fit Fash to match.

We picked up this American Apparel Jacket at Crossroads (where I basically live these days)... if you know anything about anything this print was all a buzz 2 summers ago. I think it's still hot and I think you can still find some items floating around out there in the LA fashion bog. 

The tights and sports bra are SukiShufu. I just LOVE this liquid leather. Despite what you might think it's totally breathable and easy to move in. I wear these tights to workout in with my New Balance sneakers shown here just as often as I wear them out with my Miu Miu motoboots or fav pair of heels. We're talking serious studio to street LIVING. 

The sunnies are Oakley Latch... they are super light weight and clip on to your shirt and won't fall off. Perfect for trail running when you're moving in and out of shade and sun spots. Genius! 


Oh Hey, it's FRIYAY! Raise your hands if you love fitness fashion. YES!  Me too. Well, you're in the right place because on the First Friday of every month this year Photographer Jesse DeYoung and I are gonna showcase some of our latest and greatest #FitFash Finds. Enjoy!

This entire outfit is from Fabletics. I love the fun pattern and foil print on these leggings. They're a little thick so they are functional, warm and festive for winter months. The cropped sweater is warm and cozy, has 3/4 sleeves and a snap-button detail down one side. The visor, we found online... sorry baes, not sure what brand it is but they became very trendy last summer so I'm sure they are easy to find online. We wanted to reintroduce this mega-visor with a winter look.  Oh, and the shoes are Bear Claw - really I'm wearing them because I have two broken toes and my feet won't fit into anything else, but they're cute and cozy too.

We shot this series on my roof in Los Feliz just after the rain. Normally we try to avoid the cable dishes when we shoot up here, but for this look we decided to work with them. I think it gives a sort of space-age-star-wars-interstellar-kinda-feel. What do you think? 



HEY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! OH yeah and it's FRIYAY! Raise your hands if you love fitness fashion. YES!  Me too. Well, you're in the right place because on the First Friday of every month this year Photographer Jesse DeYoung and I are gonna showcase some of our latest and greatest #FitFash Finds. Enjoy!

Ok, never in a million years would I expect a white + purple mountain print to look SO amazing. The lavender clouds + golden wheat colors of the background on this gorgeous day in Paso Robles didn't hurt. We were up at my mom's house and took a drive on the hunt for an impromptu shoot location. This turned out to be one of my favorite photos stories we've done together so far. (Obvi... half the photos make up my website).

The beanie is made by UGGS. The 'Snow Joke' sweatshirt is one of my favorite Christmas gifts from a local shop in LA. The tights, windbreaker and sneaks are all New Balance. While I might not actually wear the entire outfit together around town, this print is fun, it comes in tons of styles and it's perfect for wintery months. What do you think? 



HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR!! As promised here's three big questions you gotta ask yourself before you ignite change and get after your goals in 2016. Oh but wait... if you've just arrived here for the first time, WELCOME! but make sure you go back and watch PART 1 first.

Don't forget to hit subscribe. Next Wednesday at 5pm Shaykitup TV returns with a recap and life lessons from my theme in 2015 which was Currency. I'm going to share how what could have been perceived as a failure actually set me up for success in the years ahead. 



Oh Hey! This is my first blog on my new website! Welcome. We've got 2 days left before we say goodbye forever to 2015. So... now is a really good time to start.  I'll let the videos below do most of the talking but here's the scoop. I want you to live an outrageously glorious life. I want you to SIMPLIFY + INTENSIFY your intentions, your focus, your values, your missions, your reasons, your whys and why nots and get super clear on how you want to think, feel, look, live, act and be. I want you to be able to make smart decisions based on your core values and turn your VALUES into VISION. I want you to achieve your dreams. It's a long, arduous process and it never turns out the way we expected. But... trust me. Doing this one small thing can have a huge impact on your life. 

Ditch Resolutions. They don't work. Try something new this year. #Shaykitup with me. Let's get what we're after. Let's do it together. Go on... Click Play. 

Grab a cup of tea and get cozy. I know these videos are longer than what we're accustomed to. But take a few moments here with me an hopefully... some sparks will fly and you're theme will come to you. If it does, I hope you share it with me and everyone you know! 

Hang tight... My Three Big Questions are coming TOMORROW (That's Thursday Dec. 31st). Make sure you come back for more!